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“Mothers of Chechnya for Peace”

selam netwerk internationale vrouwendag positie van vluchtelingenvrouwen

Dear friends,
We, mothers of Chechnya, apply to you with deep hope for support and understanding. The organisations, which are united into Association “Mothers of Chechnya for Peace”, have applied to Coordination Council with request to find a possibility of continuation of humanitarian activity in the sphere of providing of special furniture for children-invalids. Little children – invalids of the war – are waiting help. They can not stand up from their beds and need sharply the functional beds. Their parents have no finances for purchasing of the special furniture for them, because the continuing conflict brought families’ budget to poverty. The parents of these children don’t work and have no ability to answer minimal needs of the children-invalids.

Dear friends, our pressing request to you: please help these children-invalids of Chechnya who are chained to beds, their angelic hearts are waiting us together with you.

We need finances for purchasing of materials that are necessary for producing of the special furniture for invalids – children of Chechnya.

With sincere respect,

President of Association “Mothers of Chechnya for Peace”

Madina Magomadova